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Allentown General Contractors

McEntee Renovations is your go-to general contractor in the Lehigh Valley area. We can provide a wide range of services and can help you develop your house into your dream home.

Do you want to give your kitchen, decks, or whole home a new look? McEntee Renovations has skilled workers that can completely remodel your house into the home of your dreams. McEntee Renovations is the go-to company for high-caliber remodeling services in the Allentown region.

We know what it takes to give our customers the most satisfactory service possible because of our years of expertise in the industry. You can trust the advice and expertise of the professionals at McEntee Renovations for all your renovation needs.

For a no-obligation estimate, contact us at 484-510-4906 right away.

Clean and Simple Kitchen Remodeling

McEntee Renovations will get the job done right regardless of the scope of your Allentown kitchen renovation. We put in extra effort to get to know each client well so that we may tailor our plans and designs to their preferences and requirements.

Our excellent customer care extends throughout the whole Allentown kitchen remodeling process, and it begins with the initial consultation and ends when the final nail is driven into the wall. We promise to complete your kitchen promptly and affordably.

Renovating your kitchen can increase its value and make it more suitable for daily use and hosting family and friends for meals and social gatherings. An updated kitchen with new cabinets and an island can boost the value of your home and make it easier to sell if and when you decide to move. Give us a call today at 484-510-4906 for a free bid and to learn more about our services.

Breezy Bathroom Remodeling

Your Allentown bathroom is where you want to feel most comfortable, and we can help you with our bathroom remodeling services. McEntee Renovations can help you create a space that makes you feel cozy and clean. We can customize your bathroom’s windows, cabinetry, flooring, and lighting to what you always envisioned.

In the eyes of the experts at McEntee Renovations, no two home renovation projects are the same. Our team will be by your side from when you come up with your ideas, until the final tile is laid. We install sinks and tubs, care for the plumbing and electrical, and tile and grout everything, so it looks great without you having to hire numerous contractors.

Just describe your ideal upgraded bathroom or spa to us, and we’ll do the rest. We also suggest bathroom paint colors, themes, fixtures, and accents.

Remodel Your Whole Allentown Home With Ease

McEntee Renovations provides high-quality remodeling services that can completely modernize your current dwelling. Our team can help you customize your home to reflect your tastes and daily habits. There are countless ways we can help you improve the look of your Allentown house and raise its market value.

McEntee Renovations can do minor repairs or complete overhauls. Full-scale home renovation is one of our most popular services and can include updating a single room or reworking your home’s structure. We listen to what you want, then walk you through planning, designing, and building. We’re your one-stop shop for the following projects if you wish to add a room or transform your home.

We can provide:

Custom Decks and Patios To Suit Your Needs

McEntee Renovations can transform your Allentown backyard into a stylish space for entertaining or a relaxing retreat. We are here to meet all of your deck and patio construction needs, whether you want to replace or modify an existing deck or start from fresh to create the backyard deck of your dreams.

We tailor every deck and patio we construct to the unique specifications of each client’s home and taste. Working with us, you can rest assured that your backyard deck will be built using only the finest materials. You can customize your deck to your specifications by choosing from various decking materials.

Cabinetry Customized To Your Home

Cabinet replacement and installation are one of McEntee Renovations’ specialties. McEntee Renovations has the skilled workers you need to restore your outdated Allentown cabinets or build fresh new cabinetry to completely revamp the aesthetic of any space.

If you choose, McEntee Renovations may also install the cabinets of your choosing from our reliable cabinet suppliers, or we can build brand new cabinets according to your specifications. Using our turnkey installation service, you may decide on the dimensions, fittings, and finishes for a personalized result.

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