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Custom Cabinetry
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Expert Custom Cabinetry In Bethlehem, PA

McEntee Renovations specializes in a variety of whole home remodeling projects, including cabinet installation and replacement. We have the qualified team you require to update your old cabinets or build brand new custom cabinetry in Bethlehem to improve the look and functionality of any room.

You can have McEntee Renovations install the cabinets of your choice, which may be obtained from our reputed cabinet suppliers. Alternatively, we can construct brand new custom cabinets following the specifications for your home. Either way, the choice is yours. Using our turnkey installation service, which offers you the freedom to choose the proportions, components, and surface treatments, will produce an authentic, one-of-a-kind look that allows you to customize your home into the space you’ve always envisioned.

Beautifully Tailored Custom Cabinetry

At McEntee Renovations, we provide a variety of custom cabinetry in Bethlehem services that may be used to customize and improve the overall look of your kitchen and other valuable rooms. We assist clients in the Lehigh Valley, Bethlehem and surrounding areas by offering design, construction, and installation services tailored to meet each of your requirements.

Cabinets that are entirely one-of-a-kind are provided to you as part of our design services. These cabinets can be used to furnish your kitchen or any other aspect of your home according to your preferences. We collaborate closely with you to design and build cabinets that are ideal for the rest of the house.

In addition to the bespoke design and construction services, we also provide extensive installation services to put those cabinets in their proper locations. To ensure that you are left with beautiful items that will last for years, our crew will ensure that the new cabinets you purchased are placed correctly.

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What Kinds of Custom Cabinetry Are Available?

Our custom cabinetry is an excellent addition to any home in Bethlehem. If you want something extraordinary and one-of-a-kind, you should contact McEntee Renovations. Our craftspeople are devoted to providing you with unique, yet affordable, options made just for your needs, wants, tastes, and living space.

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