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Home Improvement Projects for the Winter

With cooler temperatures and drier air, some people find winter a great season to take on some home improvement projects they put off because summer was too hot, too muggy, or both. As winter is the season for so many holidays, you’re probably going to want to get your home guest-ready anyway. For many contractors, winter is their slow season, so you’ll probably save money on construction costs. Here are some projects you might consider tackling this winter.

Insulate Plumbing Pipes

Insulating your plumbing pipes lowers the risk of them freezing during cold snaps. This project is easy and inexpensive; in fact, all you need to do is buy some pipe-insulating material from a hardware store and wrap it around your pipes. Another good idea is to insulate your hot water heater tank. This helps the tank to heat your water faster, which saves money on your energy bills.

Insulate Your House Overall

Winter is the time to call in an insulation contractor and have them check for places that need new or better insulation. An insulating material’s effectiveness is expressed in its R-value, and a construction professional can help you find more efficient insulation for vulnerable areas of your house such as your attic. The contractor may also suggest that you install windows that are more energy efficient and close up heat-leaking cracks with spray foam.

Replace Your Lightbulbs

The shorter days of winter cause people to appreciate their light fixtures more than ever. If you’re still using incandescent lightbulbs, swap them out for LEDs. LEDs cost more to purchase, but they are amazingly efficient compared to wasteful incandescent bulbs. They also last for years.

Paint Your Walls

With the cold weather outside, winter is the perfect time to stay indoors and tackle some interior design projects. Also, the cold and dry air of winter allows paint to dry faster than it would in the summer. Like contractors, paint manufacturers tend to lower their prices during the winter, so you may be able to find discounts on the paint color of your choice.

Call Your Local General Contractor to Learn More

Home improvement projects in the winter are good for both you and your contractor, whose work is probably slow in the colder months. Whether you are contemplating a job that might take weeks to finish or a job that takes a few hours, it’s always good to have an experienced and licensed contractor on your team. Call McEntee Renovations for everything from custom cabinetry to whole-home remodeling services in Bethlehem, PA and the surrounding area.