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Bathroom Remodeling Ideas That Will Make Cleaning Easy This Spring

Cleaning your bathroom thoroughly helps to eliminate unwanted odors and biological contaminants such as mold. The task can be tiring and draining. One of the ways you can make the chore easy is by remodeling your bathroom. Find out below some bathroom remodeling tips to make your cleaning activities quick and effortless.

Go for a Minimalist Design

There is a famous phrase that goes, less is more. Minimizing corners, seams, and edges helps you to reach every spot in your bathroom. There are several minimalist ideas you can adopt for the best results.

One such idea is investing in a modern toilet. Modern toilets sit against the wall, reducing hard-to-reach spots that are difficult to clean. They leave enough space underneath for you to sweep, mop or vacuum effortlessly. Always go for a toilet with seamless sides.

Also, opt for freestanding baths since they are easy to clean. These types of baths do not have extra corners and grout that are common with inset baths. Ensure you can reach between the adjacent walls and the sides of the bath.

However, these baths are most helpful if you have a bathroom with ample space. If you have a small bathroom, a back-to-corner or back-to-wall freestanding bath is the most viable option for you. As you shop for a new bath, look for one made from Lithocast cast resin with a high-gloss finish.

Choose Your Tiles Carefully

Some tiles are easier to clean than others. Small-sized tiles come with more grout, making them more challenging to clean. Always select glazed ceramic or glazed porcelain floor tiles.

These have no open pores as opposed to natural stone and polished porcelain tiles. The lack of pores eliminates spaces for bacteria to hide. Also, the tiles cannot stain easily.

Get Creative With the Vanity

Your vanity can help to store plenty of items and declutter your bathroom. Minimize the cupboards and cabinets in your bathroom. Fewer cupboards and cabinets make your bathroom visually appealing and easier to clean.

Consider installing a wall-hung vanity with lots of storage space. This minimizes the cupboards and cabinets you need in your bathroom. In addition, you can easily mop or sweep the floor below. A vanity with an integrated basin can come in handy in reducing spaces where grime can accumulate.

Opt for Touchless Faucets

Touchless faucets allow you to wash your hands without touching the faucet. The faucet detects your hand’s presence and turns on the water for you.

This innovation minimizes touching the faucet with dirty hands, reducing the chances of stains developing or bacteria building up on the faucet. As an added bonus, this type of faucet also helps to reduce your water bill.

There are multiple bathroom remodeling options available that will make your cleaning efforts less stressful. All you need to do is choose the option that matches your budget, needs and preferences. Contact McEntee Renovations whenever you need professional bathroom remodeling in Bethlehem, PA. We always strive to make our clients happy.